DMR Operating Procedure

DMR Operating Procedure

This page is intended to offer some assistance to those new to DMR to allow them to make the most use of their DMR Repeater as quickly and as easily as possible.

There are a number of different Talkgroups available on DMR Repeaters (they may vary depending on which Network your DMR Repeater is connected to i.e. DMR-MARC, Brandmeister, Phoenix etc.) and in the UK these are usually Time Slot 1  for World-Wide, Europe,  UK-Wide and Local.  With Time Slot 2 being for Local and TG8 Roaming between a number of local, and possible slightly overlapping in coverage area, repeaters to provide seamless routing of your QSO to the repeater with the best signal.  If your repeater is connected to the Brandmeister Network the Talkgroup numbers are different, consult your local repeater website or in the case of GB7DD and GB7EE consult the graphic on the Repeater Page from the Menu above.

It is important that you understand the implications of keying up your radio on the wrong Talkgroup. For instance you would NOT hold a QSO with someone local to you on anything other than the Local TG9 Talkgroup.  This Talkgroup is available on both Slot 1 and Slot 2.  Just remember that if you hold a QSO on TG9 on Slot 1 you will stop anyone else from being able to use Slot 1 for World-Wide, Europe, or UK-Wide Calls as the only available slot then would be Slot 2 with is only for Local and Roaming/Regional.

Talkgroup 1 is known as the World-Wide CALLING DMR Talkgroup and QSO’s should be about two minutes maximum and QSY to another suitable Talkgroup, for example Talkgroup 13 World-Wide English.

speakingIt is also important to state what Talkgroup you are calling out on which allows others possibly with no display on their radio to know where you are if the do not key up their radio within a few seconds.  Also if someone has their radio in scan mode and do not key up and return to you within a few seconds their radio will continue to scan and they will not be able to call you back without knowing what Talkgroup you called on.

There are also a number of DIRECT DIAL Talkgroups available on some networks which allow you to key up and put a call out on a particular repeaters Talkgroup TG9 Local on their Slot 1.  This is great where you do not want to tie up all the UK Repeaters by using UK-Wide.  In the case of Brandmeister you have Regional Talkgroups that you can use that only tie up the Slot 2 on the repeaters within that Region Talkgroup as well as yours.

If you need any further clarification then check with a local user, local DMR Repeater Keeper or alternatively fill out my online Contact Form and I will reply via email.

Best 73’s

de Martin MM0DUN

GB7DD DMR UHF Motorola Amateur Radio Repeater

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