BrandMeister Reflectors – How to use them

BrandMeister Reflectors – How to use them


Brandmeister in Scotland 18 May 2016I came across the following text in a PDF document by MI0PYN, and have shared it here for everyone else’s information and guidance in making use of the BrandMeister Reflectors:

The BrandMeister DMR Network uses a series of reflectors to allow DMR repeaters to be dynamically connected to each other, as well the shared TalkGroups familiar to most.

These Reflectors work similarly to the reflectors in the D-Star Network, in that DV sent to the reflector will automatically be sent to all repeaters also connected to that reflector. For the UK, the common reflector that most repeaters will be routinely connected to is 4400, Scotland will use 4405.

The talkgroup used for these reflector connections is TG9 on Slot 2. You may be used to this TG/Slot combo being used for local traffic, on BM purely local traffic normally uses TG9 on Slot 1.
So how do you use the reflectors? That depends on your radio, but basically there are 2 ways.

The first is by using a radio equipped with a numeric keypad and the ability to make ad-hoc calls to private IDs. The Connect Systems 700 is an example of a radio which can do this.
In this case, you leave the channel set to S2 TG9 on your chosen repeater. You make a private call to the ID of the reflector you want to connect to, so if you wanted to connect to the 4404 reflector (Ireland Regional Reflector) You would send a Private call to 4404, for approximately 2 seconds. This will then connect the repeater to the selected reflector. To get the status of the reflector connected to, you send a private call to 5000, to disconnect from the reflector you send a private call to 4000.

If your radio does not have the ability to make ad-hoc private calls, or does not have a numeric keypad, you can still use and change reflectors. The difference is that you will need to program a channel with each reflector as the destination. For example if you have one channel with the normal S2/TG9 setup, you could have another channel set up as S2/Private call 4000, another with S2/Private call 4400, S2/Private call 4404 etc. To switch reflectors, you select the channel with the required reflector, key up for 2 seconds and then go back to the S2/TG9 channel for the QSO.

The reflector system takes a little getting used to by those used to only using TGs, but it allows great flexibility and allows you to connect any given repeater to a reflector in another country and contact hams there through your local repeater.

Click Using BrandMeister Reflectors to download MI0PYN’s PDF of Using BrandMeister Reflectors.

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