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site-updatesThis page details the changes that have been made to this website:

06 September 2016 9.14pm - References for Donations for GB7GG have removed at the request of the Keeper of GB7GG.
15 July 2016 4.30pm - New downloads added for Tytera MD380/MD390 Radios.....go to DOWNLOAD SECTION.
29 June 2016 - Add GPS configuration instructions to allow you to setup your Hytera GPS model radio to send position data for viewing on the APRS.FI Website.
20 June 2016Explanation of DMR Programming Fields page added
19 June 2016 - Donation Button added to make it easier for people to submit a donation for the GB7GG Glasgow DMR Repeater.

19 June 2016 - Donation Button added to make it easier for people to submit a donation for the GB7EE Edinburgh DMR Repeater.

1 June 2016 - Added a GB7JD Jedburgh Repeater and GB7JD Talkgroups pages
19 May 2016 - Added a Downloads Page as a central source for all downloadable items.
1 May 2016 - Added an updated Tytera MD380 codeplug which has been created and shared by Robert MM0RBR.
1 May 2016 - Add a Tytera MD390 Page listing the MM3KDN Codeplug
22 April 2016 - Updates DVMEGA Page, providing information on a flexible portable solution.
18 April 2016 - Updates to Main Page, GB7EE Page regarding the changes due to go live on 1st May 2016
5 April 2016 - Download Links are currently not working due to a bug in the Download Manager for the website.  If you contact me direct I can supply the file/s via another method.
28 March 2016 - Addition of page on the new SharkRF openSPOT Hotspot see new page
12 March 2016 - Add additional Reflector references to the BrandMeister Reflectors Page:
 4400 UK Calling then QSY
 4401 UK Wide 
 4402 UK DV4 
 4403 UK Wide 
 4404 Ireland 
 4405 Scotland 
 4406 Wales 
 4407 UK Wide 
 4408 UK Test 
 29 Feb 2016 - Arduino Due Tips Page updated following input from Adrian VK4TUX
28 Feb 2016 - Arduino Due Tips Page created
28 Feb 2016 - Added GB7DD BrandMeister Usage Graph Link to GB7DD Menu
28 Feb 2016 - Added GB7EE BrandMeister Usage Graph Link to GB7EE Menu
28 Feb 2016 - Added link to ircDDB Registration Page to the DMR KIT/MMDVM Menu.
28 Feb 2016 - Added link to Western D-Star RasPi Download Page to the DMR KIT/MMDVM Menu.
25 Feb 2016 - The BrandMeister page has been revised to include the following text; "There is a five minute time-out on the Reflectors. This has been set by the BrandMeister UK Admin Team for (i) to protect those repeaters on a 3G/4G Data Plan or those with limited data on their internet connections and (ii) to allow Slot 2 to be used by Regional Talkgroup users if the Reflector System is not in use locally."
22 Feb 2016 - Various amendments to the BRANDMEISTER menu as well as the GB7DD and GB7EE Menus. Instructions added in for how to use the BrandMeister Reflectors.
20 Feb 2016 - Website gradually being updated to reflect move of GB7DD and GB7EE to the BrandMeister Network.
19 Feb 2016 - Menu Item added back in with links to the new Phoenix UK Website.
15 Feb 2016 - Remove UK DMR Core aka Phoenix-UK from website menu following the disappearance of it's website to save sending visitors on a wild goose chase. Will be re-instated if and when website reappears.
7 Feb 2016 - Add to Main Page notice regarding further changes to Talkgroups.
4 Feb 2016 - Main page of website revised to remove the columns added on the 3rd Feb as the site was not laid out clearly when using a mobile or tabled device.
03 Feb 2016 - Main page of website revised to break information on it into columns.
02 Feb 2016 - Links to CC3.Net website updated, New LINKS page created, DMR SCOTLAND Menu  item created with GB7DD and GB7EE moved into it.
28 Jan 2016 - External Link to the "DMR - A Personal View by Eric G6FGY" Added to the What is DMR Menu.
27 Jan 2016 - Codeplug for the Tytera MD380 and Revetis RT3 has been kindly shared by Kirk 2E0GKL and has a creation date of 27 Jan 2016.
27 Jan 2016 - Tweak the Motorola and Hytera Menu to improve accessibility from mobile phone/tablet or iOS devices.
26 Jan 2016 - Added Motorola CTB (zipped) of contacts last heard 26/1/2016 on UK C-Bridge.
26 Jan 2016 - Added CSV Contacts file heard 26/1/2016 on UK C-Bridge
26 Jan 2016 - Added page detailing information on the MotoContacts Application.
25 Jan 2016 - Add Motorola User Manuals under the Programming/Motorola Menu.
24 Jan 2016 - Add information on the TG9990 Echo Function under the Programming Menu.
23 Jan 2016 - Add Talkgroup explanation image to the What is DMR?/Delivering Increased Capacity Menu.

GB7DD DMR UHF Motorola Amateur Radio Repeater

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