A recent addition to radio communications using a computer/RasPi is the DV4mini.


This is a tiny but powerful USB stick that plugs into the USB socket of a computer or Raspberry Pi to create your own personal HOTSPOT for  D-Star,  DMR+, BroadMeister and C4FM.

The DV4mini contains a powerful 32-bit micro controller as well as a low powered 70cm transceiver and modulator/demodulator for GMSK and 4FSK modes.

All you need is your existing DV radio to connect to the DV4mini.

G0HWC has kindly put together an interesting page on his website to walk you through the setting up of the DV4Mini to ensure you reduce the gardled TX as much as possible – visit his website HERE http://www.g0hwc.com/dv4mini.html


GB7DD DMR UHF Motorola Amateur Radio Repeater

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