The DV-Mega is a low-powered dual-band personal hotspot which is connected to a computer,  Raspberry Pi or used with a BlueStack provides a bluetooth connection to your phone to make use of the BlueSpot App to provide internet access for the DMR BrandMeister Network connection.

Dual-Band DV-Mega Shield / BlueStack 1 / Arduino UNO 

In April 2016 I decided to put together a portable connection to the DMR BrandMeister Network for me to use either in the car, the office or simply anywhere.

Detailed below is my Dual-Band DV-MEGA on top of a BlueStack1 on top of an Arduino UNO board.

Allows DMR to be worked on Reflectors with a DMR Mobile or hand-held radio with one of the three possible options to connect:

internet access from phone via Bluetooth on the BlueStack1 board.

by plugging USB from the Arduino UNO into a PC and running the G4TSN/G4KLX MMDVM-CONTROL-DVMEGA Windows application. Available from this LINK.

connect the USB of the Arduino UNO to a RasPi (the VK4TUX image is very good.  Available from this LINK)


Dual-Band DV-MegaWhat I decided on was the DVMEGA Dual Band Radio and ARDUINO UNO board 10 mW hotspot which works on VHF or UHF (obviously most of UK is UHD but I thought why not go dual-band and cover all basis and make it future-proof). Purchased from DVMEGA  in Netherlands – visit site HERE http://www.dvmega.auria.nl/DBR_shield.html.

Arduino UNOThe DV-Mega Dual-Band Shield fits on top of an Arduino UNO or Mega  (in my case I went for DUO).  This allows you to connect the UNO by USB to a computer or to a RasPi for connecting to the DMR Network.  Purchased from RS Components – visit site HERE http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/processor-microcontroller-development-kits/7154081/

BlueStack1I then added the BlueStack 1 board which gets sandwiched between the DVMega and UNO boards. You have to provide power to the BlueStack1 board to power the whole thing, this can be done via the 9v battery connection, the DC Jack or as shown in my pictures by the USB connection on the UNO. Or you could use one of the portable battery packs with USB connections on it that you use for powering or charging portable devices. The BlueStack1 was purchased from UK DVMEGA Website/FaceBook Group, although at time of writing this Karl at UK DVMega did not have the BlueStacks listed on his website but instead if you join the Facebook Group “DV-MEGA” you can check availability and pm him for ordering.  UK DVMega Website visit site from this LINK.

bluestacksThere are various models of the BlueStack available so make sure you purchase the correct one for your kit.

DVMEGA-BSTACK1-UNO-000The end-result is this combination which I still have to source a custom case for to protect everything. In the meantime I will probably fashion something out of a couple of LTO tape cases.






GB7DD DMR UHF Motorola Amateur Radio Repeater

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