About GB7JD Jedburgh


jedburghThis page will provide information on the GB7JD UHF DMR Repeater located in Jedburgh and run by Ian GM4UPX.

GB7JD is home-brew repeater based on the MMDVM board and two Motorola GM350 UHF radios.

GB7JD is connected to the UK BrandMeister Network and has the same  Time Slot configuration as the rest of the DMR Repeaters in Scotland where TS2 is linked to the BrandMeister Reflector 4405 24/7 to provide a link with DD/EE/GG Repeaters.

The Options available are detailed below:

Brandmeister in Scotland 18 May 2016

Here also is a link to Ian GM4UPX’s own website:  www.gb7jd.co.uk


GB7DD DMR UHF Motorola Amateur Radio Repeater

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