GB7EE Edinburgh

GB7EE Approx CovGB7EE is a UHF Motorola MotoTRBO DMR Digital Voice Repeater located in Edinburgh which operates on two digital time slots intended,  for licensed radio amateur use only.

GB7EE is the second DMR Repeater to go on air in Scotland and is owned and run by Allister – GM7RYR.

Some important changes to the GB7DD and GB7EE repeaters in Scotland were agreed between Allister GM7RYR (the keeper of GB7EE), Martin MM0DUN (the keeper of GB7DD) and the UK BrandMeister Team.  These changes were made to make it easier  for the users of these repeaters and to allow those with DV-Mega and DV4Mini’s to be able to converse with those using the repeater.  These changes as detailed below went live on  1st May 2016 .

Brandmeister in Scotland 18 May 2016

All of the Scottish Repeaters have TG9 on Slot 2 linked by default to Reflector 4405, simply select TG9 and press the PTT and your call will be heard on all Scottish Repeaters.

For lengthy QSO’s you can always QSY to Reflector 4415 which is the Scottish ‘Chat Room’. This will be important as the Scottish DMR Repeater Network grows to ensure that a larger number of repeaters are not blocked by two people chatting for an extended period of time.

If you wish to make use of the wider BrandMeister Reflector system to connect the repeater to another reflector then to be able to do this simply add the Reflector 4xxx number or Status 5000 to your contacts and then on your radio select TG9 Slot 2 and then select the Reflector or Status number from contacts and, blip the PTT and then return to TG9 to transmit.

If you have unlinked the repeater from the default Reflector 4405 then the repeater will auto-connect to Reflector 4405 after 10 minutes of no activity.

TG9 on Slot 1 is intended to be used for local chat.

If you require any guidance complete the online form and someone will come back to you and answer your queries.

Time Slot 1 is for World-Wide,  USA, Europe,  and Local. 

Time Slot 2 is for TG9 which is linked to Reflector 4405 as of 1st May 2016 which will link all Scottish TG850 DMR BrandMeister repeaters (currently  GB7DD Dundee, GB7EE Edinburgh, GB7GG Glasgow and GB7JD Jedburgh) together. 


Frequency is 439.7125MHz/430.7125MHz with Colour Code 1.

Allister GM7RYR advised on 6/9/2015 that the GB7EE repeater is now fully operational as of 2000hrs.  Regular updates will be posted both here and on the DMR Scotland FaceBook Page.

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GB7DD DMR UHF Motorola Amateur Radio Repeater

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