About GB7BB – Banff and Buchan

Welcome to the Web page for the GB7BB Banff and Buchan DMR Repeater.

Thanks to Nigel MM0BUH for his work in applying for the NOV for this new repeater and the work in finally getting it fully operational and on-air for 2nd January 2018.

GB7BB uses the same frequency and colour code as GB7EE so if you wanted to add this to your codeplug the easiest option would be to create a New Zone, and then copy and paste the GB7EE channels into, create new channels and copy and paste the GB7EE ones on top and then rename them then go back into the new GB7BB zone and edit the channels to be the new GB7BB ones.   If you get stuck simply ask for help.

Information on the repeater can be found on the UKREPEATER Website or by clicking HERE.

Donatations are welcomed to contribute towards the annual running costs and can be made in person to Nigel or via the excellent PayPal Service by clicking on the link below: