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de Martin MM0DUN

File Size Date
Baofeng RD-5R Codeplug for RD-5R by GM1YME V5.9.zip14.61 KB05-07-2018
DMR_SW_CPS_V8.05.06.013_EM5.zip167.81 MB06-08-2018
Hytera CPS For Dummies Guide.pdf4.75 MB05-20-2016
Hytera CPS V7.00.07.022.EM5.rar82.43 MB01-10-2016
Hytera CPS V7.06.02.006.ZIP104.92 MB05-19-2016
Hytera DMR_SW USB Driver V2.01.01.008_32Bits.zip5.97 MB05-19-2016
Hytera DMR_SW USB Driver V5.30.42.0_64Bits.zip4.56 MB05-19-2016
Hytera Firmware PD3xx A1.02.10.001.rar10.97 MB01-10-2016
Hytera Firmware V7.00.11.010.rar75.76 MB01-10-2016
Hytera Firmware V7.06.05.002.rar85.41 MB05-19-2016
Hytera MD-655 by GM7RYR 09-01-16-ver-1.2.zip45.24 KB01-10-2016
Hytera MD785 By Robert MM0MBR v7.00.11.010_New_Scottish_TGs_v1.zip162.6 KB01-04-2016
Hytera PD365 CPS v1.01.02.014.zip10.76 MB01-22-2015
Hytera PD365 CPS V1.04.03.003.EM5.rar10.24 MB01-10-2016
Hytera PD365 USB to Serial Driver.rar2.12 MB05-19-2016
Hytera PD785 Codeplug.zip152.74 KB05-19-2016
Hytera PD785 Sales Brochure.pdf5.75 MB05-24-2016
Hytera PD785 User Manual.pdf1.83 MB05-24-2016
Hytera PD785G Codeplug.zip159.38 KB05-26-2016
Hytera_PD685_Codeplug_DMR-MARC.zip193.22 KB07-01-2016
PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v130.zip2.12 MB01-22-2015
Radioddity GD-77 Codeplug by Robert MM0RBR - 05-09-2017-2023_V007.dat128 KB09-05-2017
Radioddity GD-77 Codeplug V3.0.6-by-GM1YME- 09-02-2018-1015 V4.18.zip14.82 KB02-10-2018
Radioddity GD-77 CPS v1.1.4.zip988.67 KB09-02-2017
Radioddity GD-77 CPS v1.1.5.zip675 KB09-02-2017
Radioddity GD-77 CPS v1.1.6.zip675.67 KB09-12-2017
Radioddity GD-77 CPS v1.1.8.zip1.05 MB09-27-2017
Radioddity GD-77 CPS v1.1.12 BETA -MIGHT BE BUGGY.zip820.92 KB11-18-2017
Radioddity GD-77 CPS v1.1.13 - MIGHT BE BUGGY.zip678.69 KB12-22-2017
Radioddity GD-77 CPS v2.0.5.zip944.79 KB12-22-2017
Radioddity GD-77 Firmware Update Process Notes.pdf447.45 KB09-27-2017
Radioddity GD-77 Firmware v2.6.3.zip6.49 MB09-02-2017
Radioddity GD-77 Firmware v2.6.6.zip6.67 MB09-27-2017
Radioddity GD-77 Firmware v2.6.8 BETA -MIGHT BE BUGGY.zip6.74 MB11-18-2017
Radioddity GD-77 Firmware v2.6.9 - MIGHT BE BUGGY.zip6.31 MB12-22-2017
Radioddity GD-77 Firmware v3.0.6.zip6.74 MB12-22-2017
Radioddity GD-77 Manual.pdf9.68 MB09-16-2017
Radioditty GD-77 Codeplug for GD-77 Firmware V3.1.1 by GM1YME V5.9.zip14.79 KB05-07-2018
Tytera MD-380 Zone-Manager-Sort-Order-of-Zones-and-Channels.zip28.26 KB01-21-2016
Tytera MD380 BM_v1.50 02-09-2017 by MM0RBR.rdt256.55 KB09-02-2017
Tytera MD380-MD390 CPS Programming Software Version 1.34.zip2.89 MB07-15-2016
Tytera MD380-MD390 CPS Programming Software Version 1.36.zip1.74 MB10-01-2017
Tytera MD380-MD390 USB Driver.zip5.16 MB10-01-2017
Tytera MD380-MD390_CodePlug_Editor_v0.0.29.0.zip458.19 KB07-15-2016
TYT_MD2017_Scotland11-01-2018 By Nigel MM0BUH.rdt832.55 KB01-13-2018

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GB7DD DMR UHF Motorola Amateur Radio Repeater

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