DMR UK Simplex

DMR UK Simplex Frequencies






The following is the frequencies for operating a DMR radio in Simplex mode in the UK:

DH1 – 438.5875
DH2 – 438.6000
DH3 – 438.6125 (Calling channel)
DH4 – 438.6250
DH5 – 438.6375
DH6 – 438.6500

  • Colour Code = 1
  • Talkgroup = TG9
  • Admit Criteria = Always
  • In Call Criteria = Always

Just remember when you put your call out to state what Simplex Channel you are calling on as this will allow anyone who has their radio on scan to know what channel you are TX on because if they do not press their PTT within a couple of seconds their radio will drop back into scanning mode and they will have to wait until you transmit again.


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