Coverage Map

Coverage Map

The coverage map below shows the area of Dundee that the GB7DD MotoTRBO DMR UHF Repeater covers, there are some black spots to the west of the repeater due to the geographics of Dundee with the Law Hill  and Balgay Hill partly in the way and also due to the land going downhill from the vertical line of the Law Hill towards the West.

If another DMR Repeater was sited in a good location in Ninewells or Newport then this may well fill-in the blank areas to the west of Dundee.  

If you know of a good location where internet and power is affordable or even free then please share this using the Contact Us Form.

GB7DD Coverage MapYou can check out the line of site-v-elevation view with the tool at the Solwise website.  CLICK HERE TO ACCESS

GB7DD DMR UHF Motorola Amateur Radio Repeater

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