Welcome to GB7DD, the 1st DMR MotoTRBO Repeater in Scotland

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So you ask, what is so special about DMR …..  well a DMR Repeater is basically like an analogue repeater but is digital and has two time slots, so basically it is like having two digital repeaters in one – on the same frequency. This means you can have two seperate conversations going on at the same time using the same repeater frequency. One local amateur can hold a QSO with someone on the World_Wide Talk Group 113/123  at the same time as another local amateur can hold a QSO with another local amateur on  Talk Group 9. This is all possible  due to the two different digital encoded time slots and the different Talk Groups; Local, Regional, National and International.

CC-3-transparentwidget DMR UK Core is the rebranding of what was known as CC-3 London & SE England.

They are the user side of the UK c-Bridge and Phoenix UK providing information on what is happening on the network.

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Martin Higgins – MM0DUN
Owner and Keeper of GB7DD

MOTOTRBO_Range_400pxGB7DD was first licensed by Ofcom on 4th March 2014 as a UHF Motorola MotoTRBO DMR Digital Voice Repeater and is owned solely by Martin Higgins MM0DUN. Everyone is welcome to use the repeater at any time as long as they are a licensed radio amateur!  Just please ensure you disable GPS if you have that feature in your radio as it creates unnecessary data traffic on the network.  Also, NO DIRECT CALLS are permitted. Please also stick to the recognised Talk Groups and do not make up your own.

GB7DD Coverage Map from UKRepeater.Net website

Coverage is, at this time, pretty  limited due to GB7DD being located on the outskirts of Broughty Ferry on the A92 to the east of Dundee where the ground rises to the North and West.  

A better location is desired to provide a more balanced coverage of the Dundee area. If anyone can suggest a good location to cover the most of Dundee then I would be happy to hear about it and discuss the options. 

If you are interested in accessing this, the 1st DMR Repeater in Scotland and need some guidance, then contact me, Martin Higgins – MM0DUN, via the Contact  option above.

A good choice of DMR capable handsets in the marketplace!

You will need a DMR (not a dPMR) handset or mobile, one with a display is easier to use. You will often find 2nd hand equipment on  eBay.  There are a few Chinese made radio’s now appearing both online and via UK Sellers. I have no experience of these brands so cannot comment on build quality nor audio quality.   One handset which does seem to be popular is the Tytera MD-380 which is priced at around the £150 mark.  I have provided a menu item on this site for the free Tytera programming software and a codeplug to get users of this handset started.  You will also find codeplugs for various Motorola models available on this website too.  If you need assistance drop me an email via the Contact Us Form [/column] 


GB7DD operates on two digital time slots for licenced radio amateur use only:

Time Slot 1 is for World-Wide,  Europe,  UK-Wide and Local.

Time Slot 2 is for Local, User Activated access to TG8xx Regional Talkgroups from outside of the Home Region and TG850 Roaming.  GB7DD’s TG850 is part of the new Scottish TG850 Roaming bundle of repeaters which currently consists of GB7DD Dundee and GB7EE Edinburgh. 

Please remember that repeaters are primarily for mobile users and you are asked not to hog the repeater or Talkgroup.  Please use the Talkgroup with the lowest number of external connections to reduce the number of repeaters being utilised by your QSO – for example don’t sit on UK-Wide if you are chatting to someone local, instead use TG9 Local preferably on Slot 2.  Also, don’t sit on TG9 Local on Slot 1 for hours on end as you stop anyone else from making use of UK-Wide or World-Wide from being accessible. Likewise sitting chatting for long periods on TG9 Local Slot 2 will stop anyone else from making use of the TG850 Scottish link.

An Example below showing how three different DMR repeaters – one in Dundee, Edinburgh and Leeds can all be used at exactly the same time with three different Talkgroups in use.

Talkgroup 80 is a User Activated UK-Wide Talkgroup which unlike TG235 which opens all UK Repeaters only opens TG80 on the Repeater that a user keys up on TG80 to activate it, Talkgroup 850 is a Regional Scottish Talkgroup linking Dundee and Edinburgh Repeaters.  Talkgroup 9 is a local chat Talkgroup.

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GB7DD DMR UHF Motorola Amateur Radio Repeater

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