Need to updated the contacts on your Motorola DMR radio or wish to export a DMR-MARC Listing to a CSV file for use on one of the other makes of DMR Radio? 

You can try:
which is a tool to convert a CSV list of ID’s and call signs with names into a codeplug.  Thanks to Chris 2E0UCW for reminding me of the website location for this.

It must be noted that I could not get this to work properly.  Although it reads your saved off codeplug and says it has added your new contacts and has no errors on saving the file off as a new codeplug – when you open the new codeplug in the Moto CPS there are no new contacts added.  I am sure I must be missing a step and would welcome input from others to allow this to function for myself and others.


73 de Martin MM0DUN




GB7DD DMR UHF Motorola Amateur Radio Repeater

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