DMR-MARC Contacts

DMR-MARC Contacts

On this page you can download the last heard contacts files for importing into many different CPS Programming Software programs.  Some may have been borrowed from other sources to make them easily available to all.

Here is the CSV Format tweaked by myself from Lee M0LJL’s file:

[download id=”1679″ template=”button”]

Here is the last 500 users seen by the C bridge on 26 January 2016 (borrowed off Facebook Posting by Neil Mooney). Just open this codeplug in the Motorola CPS at the same time as your codeplug and select the contacts from the last 500 then copy and paste them into your own.  Many thanks to Iain Philipps for producing the data in the correct format and Chris Waters for providing the link to MotoContacts to create this file from here

[download id=”1687″ template=”button”]


GB7DD DMR UHF Motorola Amateur Radio Repeater

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