broadnet_animatedThere is a new form of communications now available which incorporates a mobile phone and a type of radio – the BroadNet BN001.

broadnet_bn001_in_handThe BroadNET BN001 is brought to you by BroadNet Communications Systems Limited who ,  according to their website, are a UK registered company with over 15 years in the communications business starting out with standard VHF & UHF Radios in the 90s and now that things have moved on  have moved with  it bringing  the very latest smart technology.

The BroadNet BN001 is a mobile phone with dual sim card slots incorporating 2G/3G/4G and Wi-Fi on an Android platform.

The BroadNet BN001 and Android App brings you simple push-to-talk communications.


broadnet_bn001_in_hand_2So, how does a BroadNet radio work?
BroadNet uses custom made radios that instead of transmitting to each other using traditional RF they first transmit to a central server using the (ROIP) Radio Over Internet Protocol which requires either a mobile data signal or wi-fi.

BroadNet use their own software that comes free on the handset which they say will be already set up customised for your  use.

What distance do these handsets cover?
BroadNet state that distance is no longer a problem that if you take one of their radios to Spain and another one to Scotland it will be just the same as if you were standing next to the person you want to talk to.

broadnet_bn001_ptt_screenWhy you cannot talk to each other direct like walkie talkies?
BroadNet works in a similar way to TETRA the system the police and other agencies use, it is very secure and no one else can hear or use your communications.

Can you use your radio as a normal telephone?
Yes just like TETRA your radio will be able to make and receive calls and texts,

Can you use your own SIM card?
Yes the radio/phones are not locked to any GSM network any SIM will work, pay as you go or monthly. The handset comes with a sim card inserted with £5 credit already installed.

How many people can you have on my network?
As many as you like, up to 1000 users. (handheld radios & control room setups)

Can you make selective and group calls?
Yes you can transmit to a channel (Group call) or just select a single person (Selective Call)

Working in an office environment?
BroadNet can supply a headset (or mic & speakers) and a PTT foot switch just press and talk, they can also set it all up for you online and show you how to use it. The headset and foot switch will be configured so you just need to plug it in and they will do the rest.

Why not just use a phone to talk to each other?
BroadNet is almost instant, less than 1 second to the point of pressing the PTT on one radio to your voice coming out the other one or ones, plus you can talk up to 1000 at the same time, ideal for communications to field workers or patrol staff

What happens if I don’t have internet?
Your radio/phone can use WiFi .If you can’t get 3G or WiFi then sadly it will not be able to connect to the BroadNet network however you still might be able to use it as a normal phone if you get enough signal.

How much data do you need?
About 500 mb is normally enough but we recomend 1Gb.

Are there accessories available for the handsets?
The BroadNet Team have plans for a range of accessories for the BroadNet BN001 handset with some available now.


samsung_note_4_broadnetCan you access BroadNet any other way?

Yes if you have an Android based mobile device you can go to the Google Play Store and Install the BROADNET PTT application free-of-charge.  Radio Amateurs should enter their callsign for the username and  “ham” for the Network ID.  

You Account will be authorised and you will then have access to the Virtual GB7BN Repeater.

Radio Amateurs can use BroadNet free of charge!


googleplayThe BroadNet PTT Android App can be downloaded via the Google Play Store at

View a YouTube Clip showing the BN001 Handset



Visit the BroadNet YouTube Channel


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