Arduino Tips

Arduino Tips


When preparing to write the MMDVM Firmware to the Arduino Due, rename the extracted MMDVM-master folder to MMDVM  

!! make sure you read the BUILD.TXT file and make the changes !!

On the Arduino Software go to the TOOLS/BOARDS/BOARD MANAGER and install the ARDUINO SAM BOARDS (32-bits ARM cortex-M3).

Then make sure in the TOOLS/BOARDS that the Arduino DUE (programming Port is selected).

Then TOOLS/PORTS should show the Arduino DUE and Port number which should match what the PC Device Manager sees.

Go to FILES/OPEN and browse to the MMDVM directory and select the MMDVM.ino file and open and select Tick box to build.

Once completed go to SKETCH/UPLOAD and watch progress screen.  If no errors then all completed.

73 de Martin MM0DUN  –  Revised 29/02/2016 @ 1041 after input from Adrian VK4TUX


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