About GB7DD Dundee

About GB7DD

meatworkHi, my name is Martin Higgins (callsign MM0DUN) and I am the owner and keeper of the GB7DD DMR Repeater located in Dundee.

I am a fully licenced radio amateur having sat and passed  the very last City & Guilds Radio Amateurs Exam to be held in the UK in December 2003. 

GB7DD started it’s life as an Icom D-Star repeater which at the beginning of April 2014 was shut down and the equipment returned to the Dundee Amateur Radio Club whom it belonged to.

GB7DD was then reborn overnight as a MotoTRBO DMR Repeater going live on the 4th March 2014 as the first DMR Repeater in Scotland using the same set of frequencies.

A special mention and thanks is extended to Michael Lockwood G1XCC for his time taken to discuss the merits of DMR with me and to assisting me  with swiftly getting the Motorola DR3000 Repeater configured and on air.

The GB7DD Repeater and associated equipment has been purchased solely by myself for any licenced radio amateur in the Dundee area  to use.

Throughout 2014 various improvements have been made to the GB7DD Repeater installation. Donations have been used to help with the purchase costs of commercial Radio Structures antennae equipment, LDF4-50 professionally made coax runs as well as guying hardware.

If you use GB7DD or find the information on this website of assistance then your financial support for GB7DD would be greatly appreciated.

Up to the 25th February 2015 a total of £2,670 has been spent by Martin MM0DUN on providing GB7DD with  donations received being used to help towards this cost.  All items purchased to-date for GB7DD are as detailed below:

  • Motorola DR3000 UHF 0-25w Repeater Deck @ £1,340
  • Procom UHF Cavity Filters @ £241
  • GSM Remote Power Switch @ £85
  • Radio Structures FUC3 Colinear and brackets @ £194
  • Radio Structures 8 Element Yagi Beam @ £119
  • Radio Structures 2-Way Phased Matching Harness @ £63
  • Radio Structures LDF4-50 Coax, and Connectors @ £ 210
  • Radio Structures Gas Surge Protector @ £60
  • Radio Structures Wire Rope Grips, Brackets, Cable Clamps @ £50
  • Kuhne MKU LNA 432 A Low Noise Pre-Amplifier @ £194
  • Motorola CPS Software 2 Year Subscription @ £120
  • The cost for this website which the Keeper  pays £9.59 a month

This does not take into account any mains power usage and broadband internet usage.  If the repeater is found a more suitable location with better overall coverage of Dundee then there will probably be power and internet costs to be met.

gb7dd_ brandmeister

GB7DD migrated from the Phoenix-UK DMR-MARC Network to the BrandMeister Network on 20th February 2016.

Please support your local DMR Repeater – GB7DD:

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GB7DD DMR UHF Motorola Amateur Radio Repeater

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