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MotoTRBO DMR has arrived in Dundee!

GB7DD started it’s life as a D-Star repeater but due to lack of support and interest locally it was shut down at the beginning of April 2014 and returned to the Dundee Amateur Radio Club whom it belonged to.

GB7DD was then reborn overnight as a MotoTRBO DMR Repeater going live on the 4th March 2014 as the first DMR Repeater in Scotland.

A Special mention and thanks is extended to Michael G1XCC for his time taken to discuss the merits of DMR with me and to assist with me swiftly getting the Motorola DR3000 Repeater configured and on air.

The GB7DD Repeater and remote shut-down equipment has been purchased solely by myself for any licenced radio amateur in the Dundee area  to use.

Throughout 2014 various improvements have been made to the GB7DD Repeater installation. Donations have been used to help with the purchase costs of commercial Radio Structures antennae equipment, LDF4-50 professionally made coax runs as well as guying hardware.


So you ask, what is so special about DMR …..

A DMR Repeater is basically like an analogue repeater but is digital and has two time slots, so basically it is like having two digital repeaters in one – on the same frequency. This means you can have two seperate conversations going on at the same time using the same repeater frequency. One local amateur can hold a QSO with someone on the World_Wide Talk Group at the same time as another local amateur can hold a QSO with someone on the UKWide Talk Group. This is all possible  due to the two different time slots and the different Talk Groups; Local, Regional, National and International.


If you are interested in accessing this, the 1st DMR Repeater in Scotland, then contact me, Martin Higgins – MM0DUN, via the Contact Us option above. You will need at least a Motorola DP3400 or a DP3600 Handset. Prices vary from £100 to £300 – check out eBay for a second hand DP3400 or DP3600 UHF handset. A Chinese Connect Systems CS-700 is available both online and via UK Sellers. I have no experience of this brand so cannot comment on build quality nor audio quality. I am also unable to provide assistance with the programming of them at this time.

GB7DD DMR UHF Motorola Amateur Radio Repeater