MotoTRBO DMR has arrived in Dundee!


GB7DD operates on two digital time slots; Time Slot 1 is for World-Wide Calling,  World-Wide English, Europe-Wide,  UK-Wide and Local.  Time Slot 2 is for Local and TG8 Roaming only.

Coverage is limited as GB7DD is located on the outskirts of Broughty Ferry to the east of Dundee with the ground rising to the North and West.  A better location is desired but as yet to be found.

Everyone is welcome to use GB7DD at any time as long as you are a licensed radio amateur!  Just please ensure you disable GPS if you have that in your radio as it creates unnecessary data traffic on the network.

So you ask, what is so special about DMR …..  well a DMR Repeater is basically like an analogue repeater but is digital and has two time slots, so basically it is like having two digital repeaters in one – on the same frequency. This means you can have two seperate conversations going on at the same time using the same repeater frequency. One local amateur can hold a QSO with someone on the World_Wide Talk Group 13  at the same time as another local amateur can hold a QSO with another local amateur on  Talk Group 9. This is all possible  due to the two different time slots and the different Talk Groups; Local, Regional, National and International.


If you are interested in accessing this, the 1st DMR Repeater in Scotland, then contact me, Martin Higgins – MM0DUN, via the Contact  option above. You will need at least a Motorola DP3400 or a DP3600 Handset. Prices vary from £100 to £300 – check out eBay for a second hand DP3400 or DP3600 UHF handset. A Chinese Connect Systems CS-700 is available both online and via UK Sellers. I have no experience of this brand so cannot comment on build quality nor audio quality. Check the BUY page on this website as I may actually have some second hand handsets or mobiles available for you to purchase.   If you just want to get a better understanding of DMR then drop me a line using the Contact form.

A donation button has been provided on this website if you do feel like saying ‘Thanks’ for the information on this website as well as supporting GB7DD.


Martin Higgins – MM0DUN
Owner and Keeper of GB7DD

GB7DD DMR UHF Motorola Amateur Radio Repeater

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